Why long term traffic should be part of your content strategy

We all have days when we can’t function as well as we’d like don’t we?  Today is one of those days for me.  I had my vaccination yesterday for Covid and today I’m feeling a little under the weather.  I don’t want to be an adult at all and I want to hide under a blanket.

(I don’t even want to write this post but I have set myself a challenge to write 30 posts in 30 days so I can’t give up now!!  It might not be amazing, I might come back and rewrite another day, but hey that’s the wonder of blogs!)


But as business owners we can’t always do that can we?  We can’t just have days off – we feel like we have the freedom to do it, because that’s what we tell ourselves, but entrepreneurs that take time off are actually quite rare!

If we rely on social media to be seen and to get clients, taking a day or maybe even 2 off can be scary.  How will we attract clients if we can’t be seen?  How can we sell?

So we have a couple of options really:

  1. Outsource
  2. Or bring in traffic/leads/clients without our input


Outsourcing is a natural one, especially when it comes to social media.  It’s the first thing many business owners farm out to someone else and that’s because it’s time consuming, but necessary.

When you’re in the early stages of biz that might not be an option – finances might not allow!

It’s also an area that many people do struggle with because it’s hard to let others in and to do things in our business without us.  Control freakery anyone?


If we can bring in traffic to our sites without any input though, help people through our content and hopefully lead them to want to work with us then that would be the golden ticket right?  We could have as many days off social media as we liked and it wouldn’t affect us too much.

Of course that’s also a bit of a long term strategy too, but it’s so good to know that it can be fallen back on when days are rough, you can’t adult, you have to look after the kids or you simply need a day off from your business.



My top tips for long term traffic is to:

  • build SEO friendly content that your audience is searching for
  • share that content on sites that provide long term traffic – Pinterest or maybe even some popular Facebook groups, especially if people might search for your content
  • Invite people to join your list – create amazing freebies or content upgrades for your readers.
  • When you know what works you can always try Facebook or Pinterest Ads to drive even more people to you.


Life happens.  Let’s build our businesses to support that.  Let’s create a supportive business!

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