Where to find your ideal client

If you’ve spent some time on working out who your ideal client is the next step might be figuring out where to find them.  Your ideal client is probably in many places, but there are so many, how do we even know where to start?  Here are some tips on finding where your ideal client is so you can communicate with them where they like to be!


Where to find your ideal client and why it’s important

Finding out who your ideal client is is one of the most important aspects of business and if we’re honest it’s not just for newbies either.  Even established businesses should take time to figure out their ideal customer, their pain points, their likes and also where they are online!

So why is it important to figure out where they are hanging out?

In the beginning of your business journey you probably won’t have the bandwidth to be on too many social media platforms at once.  It’s overwhelming and you’ll likely just do a disservice to your business by spreading yourself too thin.  It’s advisable to pick one or maybe two at a push to concentrate on, really develop a strong presence and hopefully attract those clients in.

So if you’re just going to choose one, or maybe two, which ones should they be?

Maybe you love Instagram and so you think that might be where you’ll make a start.  After all, if you’re familiar with it then you’re halfway there right?  So is your ideal client there?  Now that depends on your ideal client.

Have a search – can you find people who fit your ideal demographic there? If you can, are they active?

Another tip – check to see if there are any influencers and leaders in your niche active on that platform.  Check their feed/page/profile and see if they get interaction there from people who might fit your ideal client avatar.



How to find out which social platform your ideal client hangs out on?

The simple answer to this one is to ask them!  If you have people on your mailing list or people who are your past clients why not have a conversation with them and ask them.

This is probably not too helpful when you’re starting out though and I recognise that (how many times do people say to survey their audience in trainings about building a business – I don’t have one yet!!! Ok got that one off my chest!)

So if you’re starting out here are some ideas to get you started.

Facebook is a good general one.  Most people are on Facebook although I will say that the younger generation aren’t on as much as maybe 30+ year olds.  (Source – my daughter is 19, son is 20 and neither are on FB much).  Check if there are any big pages about your niche or any FB groups.

Instagram is another general one – probably geared more towards females but there are plenty of men on there too.  A wide range of people use IG.  You can check out hashtags that relate to what you do and see if they are active.  You can find communities of people all over on this one.

TikTok is definitely something that the younger generation love but it’s getting more used by older people and businesses too.  Again, you can search the hashtags and see if there’s anything active in your niche.

LinkedIn is often described as a more professional social media channel and it’s often used by people with a business persona.  If you’re targeting professional or business owners it’s definitely one to check out.

Pinterest is more like a search engine than social but you can find a more female audience there.


So which one to try?

I’d start with one you feel comfortable with.  I know my audience is on IG but I’ll admit it’s one I struggle with to enjoy so I went back to Pinterest for a little bit.

Think about where you enjoy hanging out.  This is especially a good thing to consider if you are similar to your ideal client (it can often be this way – result – ask yourself!)



Bonus tip – what kind of content does your ideal client consume?

So another aspect to consider when choosing a platform is to just bear in mind the type of content they like to consume.  Most platforms now have various parts where you can be seen in various ways.  For example on IG you can post to your grid, make short videos on Reels, update and get to know people on stories or even post long videos too.

This might help to make your decision for you – which one do you feel like fits best with your business and yourself to get started with?



Why is your ideal client there?

So one more thing for you to consider is why your ideal client is hanging out on that platform and does it work for your business and what you’re trying to sell?

If your client loves LinkedIn for connecting with their own audience will they be open to connecting with you and hearing about your business on there?

If your client likes IG as a bit of an escape, will they want to know about a more serious business offering?

Just some points to think about when you decide where to put your time.


Should you be on all of the platforms?

I alluded to this earlier and really believe that in the beginning you should definitely be careful not to overstretch yourself.  But, once you’ve got the hang of one platform, should you then aim to be on them all if your ideal client is there too?

First of all I’d advise you to claim your username on all the channels you might like to be part of.  You don’t need to add any content at all until you’re ready but you’ll be a bit annoyed if when you’re ready you can’t get your branded social handle.  So go and do that first.

Once you’ve got the hang of your first platform and hopefully got yourself a bit of an audience there go ahead and ask if they use any other platforms.  Do they like podcasts, videos, reading blogs?  Go get some info from them!

And then just choose one to go and build on next.  And then another when that one is established.


The best bit is that once you have some content behind you and a good feel for your ideal client you can repurpose a lot of your content so you can really leverage the work you’ve done before!




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