Where to find images for your blog

As you’ve probably guessed by now, writing your blog posts is only half the job when it comes to blogging!  Ok, yes it’s a pretty important part but some of those other little parts such as finding photos and images for your blog post can take up time too especially when you’re a bit new.  So if you’ve been wondering where to find images for your blog this article will hopefully help you out.


Can you use other people’s images on your blog post?

I thought it was worth just writing a little here about whether you can use other people’s images on your blog posts.  I know for me it’s something I’ve known about for ages, but there’s always new people to the world of blogging so it’s worth reiterating.

You can’t just copy and use people’s photos and you can get in an awful lot of trouble if you do that.  So definitely don’t!

If you have permission to use the photo then that would be fine, but always make sure that you do have that and in writing if possible.


What’s best?  Free, paid or your own photos?

In order I like to use:

  1. my own photos or from a friend (with permission)
  2. paid stock photos
  3. free stock photos

I always like to use my own photos in my blogs if it’s at all possible.  It just makes the website seem so much more personable and gives it that unique edge.   No-one else will have that photo and that look.

However, I’m in no way a brilliant photographer and taking my own photos, editing them and then realising they were no where near as good as professional images did take time!  Not all of us have the luxury of time when it comes to creating that extra part of our posts.


It is worth trying to get better at it though, especially if you want to make your blog better and for it to be your business.


For my travel blog I’d often set myself up a target list of places to make sure I got photographs of when I visited an area so that I was covered when it came to writing my posts.  I’d then have a dedicated day to edit my photos and have them ready to share on my blog and social media.

It was time intensive but once you get in the habit it’s not so bad – so if you can, make it part of your routines, take photos, learn about it and it will serve you well.



If your own photography really isn’t feeling like the best option for you then the next best option is stock photos and within those you’ll have free and paid options.

I like to stick with paid stock photos for a couple of reasons:

  • less people will be using them on blogs/pins/social
  • I have all the legal rights to use them
  • There’s no worries that I might use something that I shouldn’t have since it’s for commercial use

I won’t get into the worries about what can happen with using free stock images because it’s not an area I know a lot about – I do know I’ve heard some stories about bad things happening though.  This is a good article which explains it if you want to dive deeper.


Remember you can always go back to your blog posts and change your images if you want to in future.  Maybe start using stock photos and aim to replace them with your own images down the line.  No pressure, no rights or wrongs



Where to find images for your blog for free

If you’re looking for some royalty free images that are also free to get then these 3 sites are well worth looking at.  Always check what you need to do in terms of using the photos on your blog – most you don’t need to credit, but it always pays to just check it out beforehand.







Where to find paid stock photos for your blog

Here is the paid option that I think is worth looking at, especially if you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend too much on this aspect of your website.

There are a tonne of stock photo sites out there and it’s worth looking to see if any of them have any trials or offers on but generally I find them overly expensive for what I need.

DepositPhotos – this is my favourite and I use these a lot especially on my travel blog if I want a really good shot that I just can’t get myself of somewhere I’ve been, or if I forget to take a picture of something!  They are great for those really nice Pinterest Pin shots too!

I normally buy through AppSumo when they have an offer on and have done a couple of times – you buy a certain number of credits which generally equates to one photo.  You can stack them and they never expire (although do check that just in case it changes).


Check them out here. or have a look to see if AppSumo have a deal on right now.

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