What to do after publishing a blog post

After putting in the effort to writing a blog post it’s a real shame if it doesn’t get the traffic you’d like.  If you’ve done research into what to write and really put some time and thought into what your ideal client needs to know then we have to get it out there somehow!  Our audience is relying on us!

So after publishing a blog posts there are a few things that I recommend you should do and this should help for getting your posts seen in the short and the long term.  Let’s take a look!


What to do after publishing a blog post

After creating and finishing that wonderful blog post here are the things I’ll do straight away:

Add the new link to Google Search Console

Straight away I let Google know about my new blog post and then they can get started indexing it.  It’s super simple to do – go to your Search Console and add the new blog post link at the top where it says ‘inspect any URL’

Once you’ve done this and pressed enter Google will say they don’t know the link and you can request that they index the blog post.


Add some internal links

If there are some posts that are related to what I have just written and it makes sense I’ll add some links from those posts to the new one.  It’s a good thing to do to have a strong website structure and also for the readers – they might get some real value from your new post!


Make some Pins and add to Pinterest

Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social site and so I always add my new posts there.  Try to think of a way to entice people to read your post when you make your pin designs – that’s sometimes a bit of a learning curve itself and needs a bit of experimentation!  Don’t forget keywords there too!


Spend some time making some shareable images for the post

Sharing your post is going to be essential if you want people to see your post in the short term and while you’re waiting for Google and Pinterest to send you some traffic.  Images that you can add to social media will help you to make it more interesting than just a link!



Where can I promote my blog after publishing?

There are a number of places you might want to think about promoting your blog post once it’s published.  These tend to be short term methods of getting traffic but every bit really helps so let’s have a think:

Your social media accounts:

All your social media accounts should be utilised to get the word out there but that doesn’t mean you have to spam them all straight away with the same links.

You could share to your Facebook page one day, your twitter account the next day and then to LinkedIn the day after if you like and if you have a lot of the same people who like your accounts this might be a sensible way to do it.

Some social media accounts are a bit different – Instagram is trickier since you don’t get a link to your blog posts except in your bio.  You could always mention it in a story though and encourage people to go see it.  You could update your IG link each time you blog, or you could use a link page which links to your latest blog posts.  If you have the swipe up feature (for those with over 10k followers) you’ll be able to send people to your posts that way.

Don’t forget your personal FB account too, especially if people you’re friends with might appreciate it or know someone who would.


And always ask people to share if they know someone who might benefit from it!


Other people’s social spaces

It’s not always easy to share your blog posts on other people’s spaces but it can be done and thankfully also in a respectful way too.

Facebook groups are the main way I’d suggest promoting your post.  Often there will be share threads or times when you can promote yourself.  Sharing a blog post there is a great way of offering value to other people in the group and not always selling your stuff.

You could always look to help people who might have a question that your blog post could help with.  Don’t just drop the link, especially if that might be against group rules (ALWAYS be respectful of others groups – it’s their space) but you can suggest to them that you have a blog post that might help if they want the link.  They can then ask for it and you can message them privately, or add to the post if that might be allowed.



How can I repurpose my blog content?

Once you’ve done your content you might be thinking about whether there’s any way to reuse the ideas on other platforms.  The answer is yes!


You could:

make a video for Youtube, Instagram or Facebook

make it into a podcast episode

extract some quotes and make pretty shareable images for social media

create worksheets, downloads or opt ins to build your email list.


Honestly there are so many ideas of things you could do with your content – don’t be afraid to do some different things. One thing I’ve learned so much in my years of business is that people learn and are attracted to so many different types of content.  Go give it a go!

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