3 sites you can use to create Pinterest Pins and social graphics in 2021

If you’re just starting out using Pinterest you’re probably wondering how on earth you’re going to make the pretty pins that you see on the platform.  Here are three sites that you can use when you’re creating your Pinterest Pins and the brilliant thing is that once you get started it’s pretty simple to keep making them.

Out of these options 2 are free, with paid upgrade options, and one isn’t.  There really isn’t any need for paying for the software at the start of your Pinterest design journey – what I recommend is giving all platforms a go and seeing which one you prefer.



Canva is often the first choice for anyone designing any graphics or images on the internet.  I use it myself and really love it.

They have set dimensions for a number of social media sites and the good thing is that if they ever change the optimal dimensions they’ll likely update this before you’ve even found out yourself!  The Pinterest Pin base template is therefore perfect for what Pinterest suggests which is a 1:2 ratio.  What they have currently is a portrait base with dimensions of 1000 x 1500 pixels.

As well as getting the size just right there are a number of templates that you can use to help you get started on designing something interesting and eye catching for your Pinterest account.

You can upload your own images to use on your pins, use some of their images (although many will cost or need the upgraded Pro membership) and many different elements such as shapes, text and backgrounds.  You can also animate your designs too although I’ll be honest I have only just started experimenting with this so haven’t quite done a lot of it.


There’s an app for Canva too so you can use your mobile phone or tablet to create pins too – I’m a desktop kinda girl so I like to do mine there but I actually like the option as well.

One thing I’m liking right now is that you can connect your Canva account to Pinterest and upload your pin directly to it – you don’t need to download to your computer and then reupload so that’s a great feature so streamline your processes.


Canva is free to use, you do need to sign up for an account though.  There’s lots you can do with just a free account but their Pro option also brings a lot of extra features and you’ll get access to photos and pro fonts as well.



Adobe Spark

Another free to use online site is Adobe Spark and it’s one that I have been using more recently and experimenting with.

It’s similar to some of the features on Canva but I’m liking it much more for its ease of using free images in it.

As with Canva there are some preset social media sizes to use or you can just make one for the size you want.

The game changer for me is that you can browse through a whole heap of free images that they have access to and add them straight from there – no need to find them on another site, download and reupload.  You can also upload your own images, connect to your Google drive, Dropbox or Lightroom.  Perfect if you take your own images and edit them with Adobe.  If you have Adobe stock images you can also access them here.

They don’t seem to have a great deal of fonts for you to use compared to Canva but I find them still adequate – if you upgrade to the paying plan you have access to more.  I like that you can use a colour picker tool to match your font colours to colours in a photo.

They do have a watermark when you are on the free account.  If you click on the watermark you can remove it for free but you have to actively do that.

They also have an app so you can use it on your phone or on the desktop and it syncs so you have access on all devices to what you’ve created.


Adobe Spark is definitely a good one to have a try with especially if you like Adobe and want something a bit different to Canva.



Adobe Photoshop

So, also from Adobe is the big one – Photoshop.  I’ve included Photoshop in here because I used it quite happily for over a year when I had the subscription anyway.  If your business is utilising any of the Adobe suite and you are familiar with Photoshop then I’d recommend giving it a go.  I stopped subscribing last year so gave the other two sites more of a go more recently but I have to say that I really love Photoshop so I might be back!

I like it because it’s computer based and I’m not actually needing to be on the internet browser when I use it.  Honestly, for someone who is distracted a lot, this is actually quite a big deal for me and maybe for you if you’re busy and needing to be more productive.

I also like it because there’s so much you can do with Photoshop from the photo manipulation to creating a template and easily using the fonts that your computer has available.  It really is a good all round pin creation software.


Adobe Photoshop is available as a more cheaper Photography package alongside Lightroom and if you do any kind of photo editing it’s well worth it.  A little bit of a learning curve but I actually find the software fairly intuitive.  You can also use it alongside the full Adobe suite of software which includes audio editing, video editing and so much more (and includes Spark mentioned above as well).  I do love the Adobe products, I wish they weren’t subscription based any more, but there you go!



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