SEO for coaches – how to get started easily

As someone who loves the results of SEO and who wanted to bring that knowledge to friends of mine in the coaching industry you can imagine how perplexed I was when they said that they weren’t interested.  They thought that SEO for coaches was something that wouldn’t be helpful or work for them.

On it’s own, yes I’d probably agree – SEO is always best done alongside some other strategies as it can take some time to get results.  But get started, even in a small way like I describe here, and when you’re ready to invest more time and effort down the line you’ll already have a great base to work from.


Why should coaches do SEO?

SEO is a great way of promoting your coaching business and getting in front of people who have problems that you can solve.

Put simply – SEO helps your website to be shown in Google and other search engines.


But I don’t want you to think only in terms of being shown if someone searches your name (that should be fairly easy to do) or if they search for ‘coach’ (that would be tricky and if someone just searched that term it’s not clear exactly what they want to know about, so you might not even be the best site to show)


I want you to think in terms of showing up if your potential clients search for something that is related to what you do.

If you are a business coach maybe your site could come up if someone searches ‘tips for hiring a business coach’

If you’re a life coach maybe your site could come up if someone searches ‘how do I find my life purpose’


do you see what I mean?  Being there, and coming up when our ideal client is in need is POWERFUL!


Written content is the way we can do this well.  It’s still a really powerful way of helping your clients and talking to them.  So if you can get that written content to be found in Google when people are searching for something then you can be the person who solves it for them and you can hopefully get them on your email list or in your funnel.


Is SEO for coaches a good way to promote your business?

There are many ways to promote and advertise your coaching business and SEO is just one way to do that.

Done well, you can get in front of many people who might be your ideal client.

Done well, you’re showing up even before your ideal client might even know they need deeper help.

Done well, it can give a constant stream of traffic to your website.


However, and I do need to temper this a little –


SEO takes a decent amount of time to get results from.  It can take at least 6 months to start to see results.  You definitely need to have faith!



How to easily start doing SEO if you’re a coach

You can absolutely make a great start with SEO even if you’re not technical and don’t know much about the subject.

There are some technical aspects of SEO like setting up your site well, making it mobile responsive and fast.  A good web developer can help here if you’re not wanting to learn yourself.


But I want to tell you a secret about SEO:

without any good content on your website, the technical SEO will struggle to get your site seen.  If you have good content you have more chance, even if your website SEO isn’t perfect.


Here are some ways that you can create good, SEO friendly, content:


  • Start writing blog content that answers a question that you ideal client has
  • For that topic figure out a keyword and try and see if it’s actually searched (see below)
  • Write good quality blog articles that answer the question fully and would satisfy a searcher if they came across it once they’d searched.


For example, if you’re a sleep coach you might like to write some articles on questions that people search when they are trying to get better sleep.  Think about what they would type into Google when they need help with this topic.


How can coaches get backlinks?

Another way to help your SEO is to get links back to your website.  What this does is to show search engines that another site is giving you a thumbs up.  They rate you and that’s why they link to you.

It can be tricky to figure out how to do this at first but I think the coaching industry is well placed to work well here since there is a real sense of collaboration here.  Podcasts are one way that people in the coaching industry are already working with each other.

Being a guest on someone’s podcast is great for being in front of that person’s audience and you can help your SEO as well by starting to get links to your website back too.  If the podcast host does show notes on their site, ask for a link back to your website so people can find you (and you get that link).


Another option is to try and get some guest posts or interviews on websites.  Always keep your eye out for anyone looking for people to write about.  It might not be on your radar, especially if finding clients is your number one priority, but know that there is also some value in that link back to your site.


What else needs to be done for SEO

As I alluded to earlier, there are quite a few aspects of SEO.  Some things are relatively easy to do and can be done once and you’re finished.  Some are more ongoing things.

There are LOTS of things that Google takes in to account when they decide who gets to be on page 1.  A lot of it we don’t really know and we guess at whether they like it.  I know!  Not helpful huh?


I like to put SEO work into three buckets:

(these are not exhaustive things to look at but just an overview – I’ll do a post soon about more of it)

Technical or Website SEO:

  • site structure
  • site readability (by Search Engines)
  • site speed
  • site security
  • make sure no broken links

Content SEO

  • blog articles
  • keywords in our content and where (titles, URL, header tags)
  • images

Authority SEO

  • backlinks
  • making sure we have expertise on our topic
  • trustworthiness




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