Productivity tools for blogging

I don’t know about you but when I sit down to my desk and decide to write a blog post I can get so easily distracted!  Why is that?

I have tried a number of things to help me be more productive when writing my posts or working on my business and thought it might be helpful if I share these with you.



I love using Evernote as a kind of diary and I especially use it to record my feelings about my business, what I want to do and my plans.

If I have a lot to do then I’ll always make a tick list in the note and make sure I get it all done.  I guess it’s just like writing a list in my journal but this way I don’t need to move from my desk to find it.

Evernote is a great tool to save ideas for writing and clips of things you’ve seen on the web too – I use it lots!


Trello is a great piece of software for collating all your blog ideas.  I know for me I can get into overwhelm with planning and Trello can really help me to keep it all in one place.

You can create boards and within those boards have cards which can be lists or items that can be moved around, added to and so much more. I’ve even used Trello before as a blog content calendar and it can work well as that as it can send reminders to you.


Asana is another productivity tool that is quite similar to Trello – you can do more assigning to others with this one I think so if you have a team of people who are helping to get your business working.

You can assign tasks so if you have someone else who maybe finds images, or helps with the SEO keywords for your blogging plan this one can help a lot.


Pomodoro Timers

This is actually a technique but there are a few tools and places you can find things that will help you with it.  The Pomodoro technique gets you to work full on for 25 minutes and the take 5 minutes for a break after that.  Then you get back to it for 25 mins and break again for 5.  You do this until you’ve completed what you need to do.

If I feel like I have a big task ahead of me then I find this can work sometimes to just get me started.  Often I’ll then just get in the flow and work till it’s done but I do appreciate the idea of it!


Time blocking

I’d recently heard of this technique and so started using it in my bullet journal.  It’s great for keeping me focused when I have a lot of things to do in a week and stops me feeling like I’ll not have time for everything.

Basically what you do is to create a plan of your week and block out certain times for certain tasks.  Say you spend an hour each morning on social media – you schedule it in and block it out and know you’re doing that.  You can then maybe block out a couple of hours for blog writing for as many days as you need, time for clients, time for other marketing etc etc.  You get the idea.  You always know that your time for doing something is coming up so it helps you to stay focused on what needs done.


Study and Focus playlists on Spotify or YouTube

Ok, this is not really a tool as such but it really does help me.  I have a couple of playlists saved in Spotify that are focus of study based and generally it’s classical or instrumental music.  The fact that I put these on only when I need to sit down and do work really gets my brain into that gear and helps me get going.

I do have some different playlists I try for different moods, but if I need to be productive and just get going the study based ones generally work!


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