4 income streams for bloggers

If you’re a blogger or want to add a blog to your existing website you might be wondering what the financial benefits of this might be.  As someone who really loves the idea of diversifying my income streams and who has been so thankful for it over the years I have quite a few ideas for you!


So why should you have different income streams for your blog?

I’m going to be blunt here – it’s because one could run out at any time.  Any income stream that you have in your business can dry up for whatever reason.  Covid has taught us this in a really abrupt way hasn’t it?

Mostly it won’t be a case of them just stopping, but it does happen.  Affiliate networks can just shut down, ad revenue can fall overnight because of an algorithm change slowing your traffic down, a product you make might all of a sudden become irrelevant for some reason.

Having more than one stream of income allows you to sleep at night.  Business changes quickly and if we’re not on top of it and ready to change quickly it can take us by surprise – this allows us to smooth out the bumps and give us time to adjust.

Also if we can have more than one stream of income, well, why not?


Convinced?  Let’s get started with thinking about income streams you can add to your blog:



This is probably one of the easiest ways you can make money from your blog and that’s because you’re essentially selling something for someone else and not needing to be part of the creation, fulfilment or aftercare of the item.

You don’t need a huge audience to sell through affiliates, all you need is that one person who reads your post and decides the item is what they also need.


So how does it work?

Normally what happens is you sign up with the company you’d like to work with (either directly or sometimes they’ll work through an affiliate network) and they’ll give you a specific link to use when mentioning the product.  If someone clicks a link to that product and goes on to buy then you should get a commission.


Who should you work with? 

There are so many options so the best thing to do is to think about 2 things: first is what you have experience of and what you recommend and second is what would be helpful to your audience.  If those two overlap then that’s even better!


Where to share?

You can share your links within blog posts themselves and even on social media if you’ve built an audience there too.  If you have a newsletter that is also a place to consider.  Always check the rules of the affiliate programme though – Amazon doesn’t allow you to share links in private Facebook groups or newsletters and there may be other places that are similar.  




Adverts are a great addition to blogs that get a decent amount of traffic and again can provide you with income with no great amount of input from yourself.

Normally there’s a little bit of work that needs to be done when setting up your site to add the adverts but often whoever you work with will have someone on hand to help you – it can sometimes be a bit techy but don’t let that bother you.

I’ve used both Google Adsense and Ezoic in the past and right now pretty much solely use Ezoic.  They have always been helpful and the pay out really promptly each month.

If you’d like to check out Ezoic for your website then click here or on the banner below.




Your own products are a natural progression from selling other people’s products.  Now these don’t need to be physical products – they can be digital too!

Take a look at what problems or needs your audience has and see if you can create something that they’ll love.  Maybe it will be simple downloadable worksheets, an ebook or even a course.

Physical products are also an option for some niches and not to be discounted.  It’s not an area I know a lot about – I tried drop shipping once and decided I didn’t really enjoy it but I know many people do.



You can also sell services from a blog.  That could be coaching services, done for you services like web design or graphic design.  Maybe even something like social media management.

Again you want to take a look at what your audience is crying out for.  What do they need help with?  Is that something that aligns with your skills and could you package that up into a service for them?



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