How to get traffic to your blog for free

You have a shiny new website.  You have all these ideas for blog posts.  You’re learning new things all the time about the world of blogging…. but you’re still needing that elusive traffic to your site.

Lots of people are not wanting to pay for people to come to our site via ads – so how do you get traffic to your blog for free?


If you’re just starting out you might find that this requires a bit of hustle on your part.  Once you get a bit more established the longer term strategies will hopefully start bringing in traffic without so much input from you.


Share on your social platforms

If you’re new then this might not generate a whole tonne of traffic straight away but as you start to get known and people check out your profiles having the links there and ready will mean you might well get some traffic.  It’s also a really good habit to get into as you get further down your blogging journey.

Your Facebook personal profile, Facebook page, Instagram profile, LinkedIn and Twitter are all great places to start.


Facebook groups

While you’re on Facebook it’s a good idea to try and find some places you might be able to share your blog posts.  There are often some blogging groups that will have days that you can share your posts.  Some will have reciprocal sharing which means you might have to view and comment on others posts in return for them to come and see you – this isn’t a method I suggest long term but if you’re brand new it can be a good way to get to know some others.

Also look to see if you can find groups that are in your niche that might allow sharing.  For example, I’m a travel blogger and I have sometimes shared my posts in destination specific groups.  Have a think about what might work for your post – don’t just limit yourself to blogging groups.

Facebook groups where people who will appreciate your posts might also be worth looking at – if anyone asks questions that your post could answer of be helpful for then you might be able to drop the link for them.  Always check the rules of the group first though – you don’t want to get thrown out.


Share on Pinterest

Pinterest is much more of a visual search engine than a social site so it’s worthy of its own section.  The great thing about this platform is that you don’t need to worry too much about spamming it with your own content – they want new content being added all the time.

Take some time to have a look at what pins are attractive and how people design them.  Then learn about keywords on the site too and make sure you have them in your pin descriptions.


Bonus – find some Pinterest Groups or Tailwind communities

Pinterest Groups have been around for a while and every year people speculate on whether they are still worthwhile using.  While they are still a feature of Pinterest it seems to me that they are worth utilising if you can.

By sharing your pins to these group boards you can get your pins seen by the followers of those groups.

Tailwind communities are of a similar ilk – you share your pins on the Tailwind App and other contributors can then choose to share your pins on their boards.  Again it gets your pins in front of other people that they might not have before.

I don’t use Tailwind at the moment but have in the past and got good results with it, especially for bringing traffic to my site.


Collaborate with others

There are a few ways that you can collaborate with other people to get traffic to your blog.

The first way is to do a guest blog post on someone else’s site – hopefully when their regular audience sees and reads your contribution you might get some traffic from people ready to learn more from you.

Another way is similar and it’s to contribute to a round up or collaborative post.  I did this a lot for my travel blog – basically I’d contribute a picture and a paragraph or two about a destination I’d been to and the owner of the site would link to me from it.  There was normally quite a few others linked in the post as that was the nature of them but I do get some traffic through.

Finally you might be able to work alongside some others who will share your posts to their audience – this could work well especially if you have a not quite competing but adjacent niche.  If you find someone whose posts your audience would love as well you can share each others content – always nice to not always be sharing your own stuff on social anyway!


Find some forums to share in

Discussion forums are similar to Facebook groups in that they generally are a group of people talking about certain topics.  If that’s your niche you might be a valued contributor to that group.  Depending on how it works you might be able to generate traffic to your site by sharing links.


Make your posts keyword researched for Google

Google is a great source of free traffic but it does take time for it to come through.  However that shouldn’t put you off putting in some effort when you’re writing your posts right now.

Figuring out your keywords and writing content that fits the intention of people searching that is the best way begin your SEO journey (honestly, it’s not as scary as you think!).  I have quite a lot of content on here so far about keywords and SEO so have a little look if you want to dip your toe in!

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Create Google WebStories

This is a new one for me and I’ve only just started experimenting with them but Web Stories are a way to get your content seen on the Google App or on Android mobile devices.

As I learn a little more about them I’ll be sure to share and link here but for now you can see more on Google here.





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