How to convert blog traffic into subscribers, clients and customers

For anyone looking to spend some time blogging for their business, the question of how to convert blog traffic to subscribers or paying clients has probably come up.  Blogging can be time consuming so having a plan to turn those readers into clients is important.

Here are some tips and ways you can start converting your blog readers when they visit your site.


Important point before trying to turn traffic into clients

Before you begin to think about converting people you need to consider some things about your clients, how they are feeling when reading your blogs and what they want help with.  Basically it’s important to bear in mind your client’s journey.  Really try to map out how they are and what their lives are like at each stage and it will help when you are designing plans for converting them.

  • How are they feeling before they realise they need you
  • What questions do they have when they do realise they need help
  • How do they feel – what are their pain points
  • Can you help them at a surface level
  • how long do people tend to wait before buying your services
  • is it an impulse buy or not?

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you decide how you will try and convert readers into customers.


5 ways to convert blog readers to customers, clients or subscribers

You don’t have to just choose one of these – you could probably implement a few of these or even all of them!

Often these ideas involve getting people onto your email list – it’s one of the best ways to grow your business and it fits in really well with blogging so I encourage you to look into it if you haven’t already!


Re-marketing with a Facebook pixel

If your website has been set up with a Facebook pixel it means that you can create ad campaigns that involve people who have been on your website or visited certain pages.

You could make ads that encourage people to like your Facebook page or you could entice people to sign up to your newsletter using a Freebie.  Depending on what you sell you could even try and direct people to your products.

Because people have already been on your site they are slightly warmer leads and they’ll hopefully recognise you as a brand and so it can be a great way to capture them and bring them back into your world and along the client journey.


Content upgrade

A content upgrade is where you offer something to make your blog content more special, useful or helpful.  Perhaps a post of yours would benefit from a worksheet or a spreadsheet that will help your clients with their problem.

It’s very similar to a more general freebie (below) but it would be offered on just a specific blog post that it’s related to.

Once someone has asked for the upgrade you would capture their email address and ask them to be added to your email list where you could nurture them along to be a client in future.


General opt in or Freebie

So, very similar to the content upgrade would be offering a more general opt in, freebie or just invitation to join your newsletter.

You can do this at the end of each blog post if you wanted and hopefully people will see that and opt in.  You could also try a banner at the top of your website too or a pop up box.  I’m sure you’ve seen these before – they are controversial but are actually a pretty good way of generating leads and people joining your email list.


Exit intent opt in

Again, this is a way to get people on to your email list.  An exit intent opt in is a special form that will pop up when your reader is about to leave the website and click away.   It reminds your reader that they could get a special freebie or whatever it is that you’re offering before they go away.


Encourage people to follow you on social media

Another option is getting people into our worlds so they can get to know us more.  Social media is a great way to do this.

Now we can just outright ask people to follow us of course, but it sometimes better if we can give people a reason to do so.

Perhaps encourage people to follow you and let them know that you talk more about the topic there and give more in depth advice or behind the scenes looks at how you work.  Or you could say that you do regular competitions on your social channels so get over there for a chance to be involved next time you do it.


Ask people to book on to a discovery call

Finally, this is an option if you do sales calls with potential clients for your products and services.  At the end of your blog posts you could simply invite people to get on a call with you and provide an option for people to do so.  There are many automated calendar software services nowadays that you can embed straight into a blog post and people can book there and then.

I recommend looking at Calendly or Acuity as two that I have used myself with success.



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