How can blogging help promote a business?

Perhaps you’ve been reading some of my other posts on blogging or on SEO on my site and starting to ponder whether you should blog for your own business website.  If so you’re probably wondering what the benefits are for businesses that use blogs.  I thought that I would go through a few of these today to help you in that decision.


Blogging isn’t just for bloggers.  It can help coaches, it can help service business and it can help product based businesses.


How can blogging help promote a business?  Here are 7 ways:

If you’re contemplating the process of blogging the main sticking point is probably going to be whether it will be worth it, whether it will really help promote your services or product and whether you’ll get any ROI.  Of course, every business will be different but here are some of the ways that I think blogging can help promote your business if you decide to give it a go.


Allows you to be found more in Google

Just having a website doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get visitors from search engines.  They might perhaps find you by searching your name, but if that’s the case they will find you anyway won’t they?  What blogging can do is to allow you to be found for more than just your name.  You can have your website come up when people are searching for their problems that are related to your service – it’s actually a really powerful way to market yourself!


You’ll want to work on keywords if this interests you – here’s a beginners guide to keywords


Gives you interesting content to share via social media

By putting time and effort into your blog posts you’ll have content to give people when you’re on social media.  You can repurpose what you’ve done and talk about small parts of it or you could just direct people to the blog post for them to read themselves.

Either way it’s another way to engage your audience who might already be following you to show you know about the topic!


Establishes authority in your niche

This aspect is a really big one for me and something I believe in – establishing authority in your niche.  If you have a number of articles about a subject it shows that you really know it inside out and that will help when people are looking to make an investment in your business.  It’s like proof for your potential customers.

Having authority in a niche is also helpful when working on your SEO so that you can be found in Google and other search engines.


You can see my post here about SEO for beginners if you want to know a little more about that


Allows potential customers to be helped with a problem they may have had – especially if they found you through Google

Your potential and ideal clients will have problems right?  And they probably use Google to ask for help around these problems.  Yes?

If you’re blogging about these issues then you’ll have a chance of being served up by the search engines when people are looking for help with this problem.  It’s a long term strategy but definitely one that should be on any online businesses radar.

Those people coming to your website for help will be your ideal client and once on your site if you can help them then they might decide to work with your further, get on your mailing list or follow you on social media.


Allows your potential clients to get to know you

You’ve probably heard of the know, like and trust factor.  Basically it means that in order for our audience or community to buy from us we really need to work on getting them to know, like and trust us before they’ll commit to a purchase.

Having blog posts on your site gives people who are thinking of working with you a place to really get to know you.  They can read about how you tackle your niche, get a feel for your style and personality and start to figure out if you are a fit for them.  All on their terms and without any pushy sales calls.

I know for me, having a website I can check out when I have someone I’m potentially interested in is a big deal.


Can give clients confidence that you’re a serious business

As well as showing a bit of your personality and expertise blogs can show that you’re committed to this business and not just someone who isn’t really interested in being around long term.  It can really instil confidence in you.


Allows you to nurture clients on your email lists

Once you get people to read your blog posts you have a great opportunity to help them out further by inviting them to be a part of your email list.  You might be able to help them further by having something free they can download in exchange for their email address.  Once you have that you have the opportunity to nurture them and show them how they can be helped even further.



As you can see these are just a few positive aspects that blogging can have on your business.  Only you can decide on whether it’s worth it for you and your business though.  I often think that if you go to the expense of getting a website you might as well give it a go since you have the platform there anyway!







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