The 5 best blogger habits to try and pick up

Bloggers who want to turn their blogs into a business tend to have good habits.  Let’s take a look at some of the best blogger habits that you might want to try and adopt for a successful business!



Honestly, consistency is my nemesis and I have had to work hard on this one, but it’s quite rightly cited as a really important habit.

Having a strategy to consistently post your blog posts is great but it doesn’t stop there.  You’ll want to show up on social media, look after your website and look after yourself too.

Consistency is important in so many ways – batching and outsourcing can help if you struggle like me!


Willingness to invest

Blogs can be started for free for sure and you can learn a tonne for free as well, but being willing to invest is a really good habit to get into.

I get it, it was so hard for me to even pay out for a domain name way back in the day when I first started and if you’re similar and wondering whether you can justify it then I can totally relate.  There are so many must have tools it’s difficult to see where to start.

My advice is to start small – don’t go jumping into courses that cost the earth if you’re not ready, but do start investing little bit by little bit.


Always learning

This can be tied to the above but doesn’t have to be.  A good blogger will learn regularly about so many things.  Sometimes it will be directly about blogging – maybe learning something about WordPress – or maybe learning about the social media side of the business.

It could be mindset or learning about ourselves too.  Mindset doesn’t feel like it’s an important thing at first when you’re starting out blogging, but it’s actually really important.

Books, podcasts, videos or even reading other blogs are going to be a way to get access to a world of learning and the time and money will be returned ten fold!


Open to changes

Blogging changes.  Social media changes.  Google changes.  So as a blogger being open to that is going to be super important.

This also ties in nicely with the above learning habit – if you’re already learning a lot about your craft you should be ready when these changes happen.

Some people get really upset when algorithms change, when they lose hard won traffic, but it’s just part of business.


Connecting with others

As a blogger it’s really up to you how often you connect with others in your industry or perhaps other entrepreneurs but the most successful bloggers I know are always open to collaborating, chatting and working together.

This can come through in just a supportive friendship or you could have a business partnership in the making.

Get yourself involved in groups, chat with others on social media and be open to chatting and seeing where the connections can take you!

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