10 ways to come up with blog post ideas

When you’re sat staring at a blinking cursor and wondering what on earth to write for your weekly or monthly blog post take a look at the 10 ways you can brainstorm blog post ideas.

A note on keyword researched blog posts:

If you know me at all you know that I love a blog post that has keyword researched titles etc but not every post needs to be like this.  In fact, this one wasn’t really keyword researched at all.  I figured it was a post that my audience would like, I know I’ll share it by social media and so it doesn’t matter if it never gets Google traffic.

One thing I like to remember and live by is to not always get hung up on rules.  Yeah they are good to think about sometimes especially if we have an end in mind (Google traffic) but we don’t have to be perfect all the time.  I actually like breaking rules now and again!


So, here are some ways you can come up with idea for your next blog post.  If you like to have a bank of ideas sat in a file somewhere then I encourage you to spend an hour or two once a month or so researching ideas and see where it takes you.



Check Google suggest

This is my go to place for ideas that my audience might be searching for.  You basically just put some words into Google and see what their suggestions come up with.  You know how when you start typing and it will guess what you’re trying to say?  That’s what we’re looking for.

So maybe start with putting your niche in Google and see if there are any ideas that come up.  Better yet start typing a question related to your niche.


Ask your social media followers

If you have a responsive social media following then you could always ask them what they would like you to write a blog post on next.  The poll stickers are a great idea for this one – even if you don’t think your IG following will respond, give it a go – you never know!


Check out Pinterest

This is actually my first port of call when I’m coming up with ideas for posts and I use it with the Google Suggest idea above.  I’ll search for pins related to my niche or sometimes I’ll just browse my home feed and see if anything catches my eye and gives me a good idea for something my audience would love.


Check your email or messages

If you speak to your audience regularly over DMs or through email you might find that people are often asking you similar questions.  If you haven’t already covered them in a blog post then it’s a great idea to write one – not only do you get a great idea, but next time you get that question you can send them there and hopefully it will help them in a more in depth way than you could over messages.


Browse Quora

Quora is a site where people ask questions a lot and members of the public will answer them.  I’ll admit that I haven’t ventured far on there and don’t often think to check it but if I was really stuck for an idea it would be a good idea.  What types of questions are people asking on there that relate to your niche?  Can you do a post about that?


Read Reddit or discussion forums

Are there any forums where you ideal audience hangs out and where they discuss topics that might be relevant to what you write about?  Reddit has a tonne of sub reddits and there’s bound to be one that relates to you.  What are people asking about?  What are people excited to discuss?


Beginner series

Depending on your niche, you might be able to go right back to basics with your audience.  It’s a great way to provide content for anyone who is new to you and establishes you as an authority.  A series for beginners is always good because we can get hung up on thinking that everyone knows what we know when actually they don’t!


What’s adjacent to your best content

Take a look at your blog stats – what is your best content?  Which posts get people talking?  Which ones get Google traffic already?

Once you know that have a think about a topic that relates to this one and write an adjacent post – maybe expand on one aspect, maybe do an alternative view.  You’ll already know it’s a topic that your audience loves and you can link to your post that already does well too!


Review your favourite tools

Which tool, product or service do you love and know your audience would love too.  Why not write a review of it and show how you use it, how it would benefit your readers and maybe even do a tutorial.  Depends on what it is though I guess!

You could always add an affiliate link if you can find one and perhaps get started on a different income stream.  See here for my post on affiliate programmes for beginner bloggers.


Write about something that’s topical

Finally why not write about something that is topical and in everyones minds right now.  That could be political if that works for you, perhaps it’s something that is making waves in your industry or maybe it’s just an opinion you want to share.  Creating a discussion point is always a good idea but stay away from sensitive topics unless you can handle people disagreeing with you.


Can you think of any other ways to generate blog post ideas?  Let me know in the comments!

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